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Winter Papers (FS/CU4CU)
Winter Papers (FS/CU4CU)

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Lipsticks Pack (FS/CU)
Lipsticks Pack (FS/CU)

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Makena - Terms of Use

Makena - Terms of Use

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My products can be used for your personal and commercial needs with the following conditions:


- None of my images may be given away or resold or redistributed as a standalone product or included in any graphic collections for sale or free distribution.


- If the images are used to create derivative digital products for commercial sale they must be incorporated or edited/manipulated in some way that they become integrated into other artwork and flattened so they are not able to be extracted.


- My products may not be used to create a product that enters in direct competition with this pack.


- You may not sell, redistribute any of my work 'as is' or make them into PNG tubes, or crop elements out and make into PNG tubes.


- Selling your work using any of my designs or PNG tubes or PNG tubes scenes they must be flattened so they are not extractable in anyway.


- As a buyer, you are not acquiring the ownership of the original images, but you are acquiring THE RIGHT TO USE THEM under specific conditions.


- The images MAY be used for any personal or commercial project as long as they are not used “as they are. ”You must DO something with them that makes them into your own unique design". This means you have to incorporate them into other images or put your own elements before you can claim them as “derivative designs.”


- The images MAY NOT be shared with friends or in filesharing sites. You MAY NOT redistribute them or claim as your own.


- You MUST not share any of the files after purchase.


- In case you have any confusion over these Terms of Use, I do not want my work to simply be repackaged and resold. But I DO want designers to be able to incorporate these design/elements into other derivative work for commercial purposes.





- You MAY use them for your personal and commercial artwork, collages, photomanipulations, as photography backdrops (To enhance a persons portrait), in scrapbooking, in tags, websites, greeting cards, postcards, etc.


- You MAY make and sell prints of your artworks providing my work cannot be extracted so no png tubes allowed.


- For your personal usage you MAY print them as they are.


- You MAY NOT use the backgrounds in whole or as cropped/cut out elements.


- You MAY NOT use to create competitive backgrounds/products.


- The images MAY NOT be shared separately or included in another resource pack (as they are) for sale or for free.


- You MAY NOT sell the images in a printed form as they are.


- This is not a merchant resource.




- You MAY use them for your personal and commercial artwork, collages, backgrounds, photomanipulations, in scrapbooking, in tags, websites, greeting cards, postcards, printables, etc.


- You MAY make and sell prints of your artworks.


- Elements included in product packs MAY NOT be shared separately or included in another resource pack (as they are) for sale or for free.





Backgrounds are JPG files. To open them you will need any software that supports JPG format. They are not available in layers (unless it is specified in product description) and no custom changes on images are possible.


What you get is the set of images exactly as you can see them in the previews.


PNG files are provided on a transparent background and may be easily copied and pasted as separate layers in any software that supports PNG format, such as Photoshop, Paint shop Pro, Gimp etc.




My products may NOT be put into scrap booking kits as individual elements as png or psd files, as is, with transparent backgrounds, so that the designer is simply repackaging my work into a new product and calling it by another name and claiming to be the designer (this would fall under the category of resale/redistribution of the original product). 


The Buyer may use the Product as design resource in rendered images and derivative images  for any personal or commercial projects, as long as the Artist's work is protected from extraction and the Buyer has not violated any other terms of the License.



I reserve the right to interpret the basic license in the future in a way that protects my copyright and position as the author of my own work appropriately, so that customers may use products for derivative design but not resell the products in a way that damages my position as the originator of the original works.


If you have any question don't hesitate to  email me (martha12@xs4all.nl) and ask for help.


Thank you

Makena / Martha Nedermeijer


  • Manufactured by: Makena

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